Strategic Initiatives are coming on top to the established product lines. Closely timed projects with specific customer focus are settled here.

Strategic Initiatives

Innovative, proactive, initial – developing forward customer requirements close to the market and temporally limited

Efficiency is one of the most important value propositions related to success. In the vehicle, in mobility, in the organization and above all also in IT.

An efficient IT organization is thus a fundamental prerequisite for Daimler's success. As part of this, shared services represents a standardized, comprehensive provision of services from a single source, and thus significant gains in terms of speed and quality.

We make a valuable contribution by providing our expertise in specific topic areas as needed in the service portfolio of our customers, and thereby professionalizing their productivity and clout with efficient solutions. At Daimler TSS, Shared IT Services is a reliable partner of the Daimler Shared Services organization, and offers support in particular for developing efficient, globally positioned structures, and for achieving efficiency targets through a high degree of standardization of IT systems and processes.

In both dimensions, we are a partner to the customer, helping them successfully and fully implement their requirements in the sense of the end-to-end principle by providing on-site experts – quickly, competently and above all efficiently.

Strategic Initiatives are explicitly defined core topics with a particular market focus and customer requirements in a scheduled framework. Here are the following five:

  • App Creation Center (ACC)
  • Cloud Enablement
  • I3
  • IAM & Compliance
  • Smart Factory

App Creation Center (ACC)

App Creation Center (ACC): We develop end-to-end services for mobile apps along the entire app life cycle - as a preferred partner for the customer and in just a few months. In addition to consulting and implementation, this also includes the provision of reusable functionalities as well as the app certification process.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement: Cloud Enablement is not just about the support of the private Daimler cloud. We also take care of services related to Amazon Web Services and Azure. In particular the Daimler Hybrid Cloud (DHC) will keep us busy into the next decade.


I3: That stands for Innovative Integrated IT. We search for holistic, pivotal value-added solutions and integrations for Cloud Native Applications and Secure DevOps in the Daimler-specific context of IAM, Hybrid Cloud, Operations, and the classic as well as the new Daimler IT back ends.


IAM: The subject Identity & Access Management (IAM) becomes more and more important. On the one hand, digitalization and modern architectures such as cloud solutions represent new challenges. On the other hand, these can be encountered and solved with our services, implementing IAM, reducing risks and ensuring compliance.

Smart Factory

Smart Factory: Know-how of production planning meets software engineering – at Daimler TSS, we complement and manage the data for stable, scalable and inspiring solutions for an intelligent Tec Factory, such as those in the field of Robotics. Here we combine IT expertise with the highly flexible, autonomous production world, also against the background of Industry 4.0.

More strategic fields


Understanding the big picture and gaining information from data.

Car IT & Mobility

The IT side to mobility design.

Digital Customer Experience

Create identity-driven customer experiences through digital services.

Digital Retail

Customized IT Sales Solutions.

Information Security

Protection of sensitive information and critical systems.