Our contribution to safety is to protect every area and ensure that our customers' products and systems are at all times a secure location for sensitive information.

Information Security

Protecting sensitive data

As a specialist for dealing with sensitive data, we enhance transparency for our customers with regard to existing risks while simultaneously offering solutions to minimize these risks in a targeted fashion.

The Information Security product line provides comprehensive protection for information in all areas, embracing processes and methods, software and systems, infrastructure and components, whether mobile or traveling by car. We provide needs-based advice in this respect, making recommendations for action where necessary and playing an active role ourselves.

A comprehensive approach alone is not enough for us. We provide the speed that guarantees that decisive edge.

Information security is a valuable asset. The interest in sensitive information is high, while the value of information in general is increasing steadily. The motivation to acquire sensitive data illegally is also growing, and inhibitions are decreasing in this respect.

Modern means of communication and the increasing digitalization of our daily lives are generating a massive rise in the volume of data collected. Equally, the advance in the digitalization of mobility and production also increases the need for protection.

We are pledged to protect our customers' information and that of Daimler AG customers.

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