IT is not the only thing at the core of Daimler TSS – our heart also beats for the customer. And we address the customer's point of view, expectations and needs in our latest product line. The focus here is on the digital experience and the development of personalized offers in a multidimensional ecosystem for digital customers at Mercedes Benz.

Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience - create identity-driven customer experiences through digital services

There is a demand today in many areas of life for the creation of intelligent user interfaces which meet the highest of requirements and are at the same time fun. From an innovative idea to actual operation, strategies are developed in the area of the Digital Customer Experience to address a simple fact of life today: Every customer is a digital customer.

In order to react to this zeitgeist with the required level of modernity and agility, we endeavor to achieve interactive usability with a focus on the customer journey. We examine individual user cases and system integrations on this journey, developing innovative new solutions which reflect the respective logic involved. We learn with customers for customers, end-to-end, but that's only the beginning. Because, in addition to being innovative, projects here are frequently scalable. This applies to all orders of magnitude, with a prominent example being the Car Configurator.

Daimler TSS gained a name for itself on the market at an early stage with digital customer features, catapulting projects such as car2go to the fore in both strategic and operative terms. And what is the goal here? To enable digital and interactive experiencing of the Daimler brand in every dimension, and to address the personal expectations and wishes of each individual customer, his or her habits and routines. Availability? Always. Inspirational? Always. That's our goal, and an objective we want to make perceptible over the entire value chain in this product line.

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Strategic Initiatives

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