From sound business intelligence services to predictive and prescriptive analytics – expertise from Daimler TSS. This involves the linking of professional IT experience in the Daimler context.


Understanding the big picture and gaining information from data.

The digital transformation of our world creates a burgeoning volume of data. Data that gives those who understand it an insight into the modes of action and correlations of associated business processes, devices, innovations and markets.

For example, knowledge of the mobility needs of customers can reveal completely new requirements which a mobility service provider needs to meet and which go far beyond the normal purchasing of a car.

When it comes to this product line, we build on many years of experience in the areas of business intelligence, big data, text analytics and machine learning. While issues from the financial world and, in the first instance, business processes were the focus of our activities in the past, these have increased in recent years to include areas such as design, production or robotics. In the meantime, the focus in analytics is generally on utilization of the Group's data and its environment.

The objective is clear in this respect – to obtain comprehensive information and understanding of decisive processes in everything we do. The ability to deal with the diversity and speed of a steadily increasing amount of data is vital if this is to be achieved. We are at the cutting edge of development, exploit the latest tools and technologies, face challenges and understand the opportunities the world of big data presents. We help customers within the Daimler Group to optimize services such as fleet management solutions or flexible rental offers, improving their monitoring and control.

More strategic fields

Car IT & Mobility

The IT side to mobility design.

Digital Customer Experience

Create identity-driven customer experiences through digital services.

Digital Retail

Customized IT Sales Solutions.


Protecting sensitive data.

Strategic Initiatives

Innovative, proactive, initial – developing forward customer requirements close to the market and temporally limited.