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All good things come in threes

at 19. Dec 2017 10:43 o'clock
Over 100 students from the fifth class of the Illertal-High school in Vöhringen attended by the workshop at the start of the Christmas season. It was mainly concerned with the issue of security, customs, tax and more.
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Christmas donations at all German sites

at 15. Dec 2017 11:27 o'clock
First snow, third Advent and a total of five donations: After the children's hospice in Stuttgart and the association Straßenkinder e.V. in Berlin, visits to three further institutions followed last week, in Ulm, Karlsruhe, and Böblingen.
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Education partnership between Daimler TSS and Robert-Bosch-Schule Ulm

at 24. Nov 2017 16:21 o'clock
We have maintained an education partnership with the Robert-Bosch-Schule in Ulm in the context of the educational network school / economy of the IHK Ulm since October 2017.
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A lot of good is done

at 26. Oct 2017 07:32 o'clock
What could also be a contribution to others? A question that we ask ourselves repeatedly at Daimler TSS, not only when we head to the final path towards Christmas. Sharing success proves to be a profitable investment in many respects, possibly not always or primarily monetary or di-rectly measurable, but generally good…
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Daimler TSS merger

1 + 1 = 3

at 01. Aug 2017 16:58 o'clock
For many, the word “merger” is a cue for frowns and furrowed brows, as a change of this nature is often associated with difficult issues. However, this does not apply to the merger with our subsidiary Daimler IT Retail.
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New generation of robotics world champions from Neu-Ulm

at 13. Jul 2017 17:46 o'clock
Our CFO Steffen Bäuerle met future experts of robotics on 11th July 2017 at Lessing-Gymnasium in Neu-Ulm. Reason for this visit: The presentation of a donation. Thanks to this donation six students are able to participate at RoboCupJunior World Chamionship 2017.
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Everything digital!?

at 04. Apr 2017 15:29 o'clock
Our CEO Christoph Röger discussed on March 30th this topic in Ulm with mayor ret. Ivo Gönner, Heribert Fritz, initiative and other guests. Hosted by the SÜDWEST PRESSE, the panel discussion became a stage for the pros and cons of digital change in framework of the ‘UnternehmerTAG 2017’.
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Daimler TSS - the digital strategist within the Group

at 15. Mar 2017 14:26 o'clock
The fact that Daimler TSS is considered as an attractive employer has recently been confirmed in the Focus Employer Ranking. According to current reports, The Motley Fool is particularly in favor of the portfolio - because with this the subsidiary company of Daimler AG has been overtaking competition on the road for years. One could say: lead by IT.
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Focus Artikel - Bester Arbeitgeber

Daimler TSS in Focus: A top employer & rising star

at 15. Feb 2017 10:24 o'clock
Daimler TSS ranks second among medium-sized enterprises in the area of IT, a conclusion that Focus has reached in this year's national comparison.
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Christoph Röger - New Daimler TSS CEO

New CEO at Daimler TSS

at 29. Nov 2016 13:52 o'clock
Christoph Röger takes over the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 1 October 2016.
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