Find out what events are currently coming up and where you can meet us in person.

Career Day:

at 25. Oct 2017 09:30 o'clock in Ulm

The faculties of Engineering, IT, and Psychology of the University of Ulm organize together with the local Working Committee of Industry Contacts the Career Day. The Career Day is a great opportunity for students and companies of the IT and Electrical Engineering industries to get in touch with each other and build up a network in an open atmosphere. Career Day


at 29. Jun 2017 08:30 o'clock in Neu-Ulm

The specialized fair for professional education and studies called vocatium in Ulm/Neu-Ulm offers about 2,000 students the chance to get in touch and arrange special appointments with more than 50 training companies, universities, and consulting institutions. Besides pre-scheduled talks also spontaneous talks can be held. vocatium

Dreamjob IT

at 19. May 2017 09:30 o'clock in Stuttgart

At the information fair you have the chance to get in touch with more than 80 renowned universities, authorities, and companies and get information about courses of studies and apprenticeships in the field of MINT – mathematics, IT, natural sciences, and technology. Thereby the fair offers an opportunity to look for personal advice from professors and trainers on site. Dreamjob IT

KIT Karrieremesse

at 18. May 2017 09:30 o'clock in Karlsruhe

On the KIT Karrieremesse you can meet different people: students, doctor students and professors.

IT contact fair

at 03. May 2017 10:30 o'clock in Stuttgart

The IT fair has two goals. On one hand, it offers students and companies of the computer sciences’ field the opportunity to get in touch with each other. On the other hand, the fair enables companies and the Stuttgart IT to exchange and discuss local research topics and sound potential cooperations. IT Fair

KITT Stuttgart

at 27. Apr 2017 09:30 o'clock in Stuttgart

KITT the information day of the HFT Stuttgart offers the possibility to get in touch with different companies. You as a student get the chance to have personal conversations about the possibilities and requirements of internships, final theses or even starting a career at a company. By now more than 400 students attend this one-day event. KITT Stuttgart

Career Marketplace

at 04. Apr 2017 10:00 o'clock in Stuttgart

What do I want to do after my studies? Where do I spend my internship? These and many more questions will be answered at the annual recruiting fair of the Stuttgart Media University. The fair offers students and companies the opportunity to get in touch with each other and thus set the course for the future. Karrieremarktplatz

Career Day

at 17. Nov 2016 11:00 o'clock in Ulm

The Career Day is a fair trade for students of electrical engineering, informatic and physics.

38. Informatik Kontaktmesse

at 09. Nov 2016 10:30 o'clock in Stuttgart

On the Informatik Kontaktmesse students have the opportunity to establish contact with companies.