Minicomputer - Schoolgirls are enthusiastic about IT

am 06. Feb 2018 um 07:37 Uhr

Girls are not interested in IT? This widespread assumption was proved wrong on January 17, 2018 by radiantly smiling third and fourth graders of the St. Hildegard School Center in Ulm.
Reason: Daimler TSS not only handed over a package full of Calliope minicomputers, but also, together with the teachers, directly practiced programming as part of an IT training course.
For the first time such cooperation between school and enterprise has taken place in Ulm, ac-companied by the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
We stay in regular contact with the school in order to reflect the results and experiences with Calliope and we are pleased about the enthusiasm for IT and technology of the young experts - with their impartiality and team spirit they may later become perfect young IT professionals for Daimler TSS.

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