IT service provider organizes stem cell typing drive

am 26. Jun 2016 um 10:45 Uhr

Ulm/Stuttgart – “Mouth open, swab in - be a donor” – this was the motto that encouraged over 100 Daimler TSS employees to have themselves typed last week in cooperation with the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS). Information was provided in advance, with Daniel Riethmüller, who saved the life of a then 18-year-old man following typing of his stem cells, illustrating to his colleagues through his own experience how he became a lifesaver.

Red balloons decorated the typing office at the locations in Ulm and Stuttgart, signposting the way for all those interested. Things went very quickly after this. Following a brief chat, two cotton swabs were inserted into the mouth, cell material was collected from oral mu-cous membrane and personal data was quickly filled out – and that was it. The company assumed the costs involved and the donation to the DKMS. “We're proud that so many TSS people have been typed and that we managed to lower inhibitions through this initiative.”, said Dr. Stefan Eberhardt, CEO of Daimler TSS. Over 100 new potential stem cell donors were acquired for the fight against leukemia. The illness proves fatal in many cases if a suitable stem cell donor is not found.

An idea, a report on personal experience and a typing drive

The proposal to hold a DKMS typing drive throughout the company came from TSS employees via an internal idea tool. Project sponsors were quickly found at the different locations who took care of the organization and coordination with the DKMS. Daniel Riethmüller reported in advance on his experience as a donor to ensure that adequate information on a stem cell donation was available and to address any unanswered questions. He saved an 18-year-old man suffering from leukemia in 2011, giving the patient a new life through his donation. Together, both of them conquered the illness, becoming real blood brothers in the process and remaining friends until today.

Corporate Social Responsibility committee

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee has existed at Daimler TSS since 2014 which takes care of company social responsibility. Key organizational considerations are defined here to anchor CSR more firmly at TSS and, most importantly, across different departments. Mutual discussions decide which locations and aid projects can be given sustained support. Preference is given to direct action over financing in this respect. Since 2014, the company can look back at two Social Days, a blood donation event, one stem cell typing drive and two Christmas package campaigns.

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