Daimler TSS - the digital strategist within the Group

am 15. Mar 2017 um 14:26 Uhr

The fact that Daimler TSS is considered as an attractive employer has recently been confirmed in the Focus Employer Ranking. According to current reports, The Motley Fool is particularly in favor of the portfolio - because with this the subsidiary company of Daimler AG has been overtaking competition on the road for years. One could say: lead by IT.

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Already in 1998, Daimler launched a software development team from which Daimler TSS has evolved in just two decades with more than 1000 employees at seven locations in Germany and Asia today.

The focus is on holistic digital solutions such as mobility concepts, a customer-oriented security infrastructure or intelligent data evaluation mechanisms.

The start-up culture "from back then" could mostly be preserved, despite the growth. Or maybe exactly "because of”. Common success motivates and is still the best companion on the digital highway towards the future.

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