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am 15. Feb 2017 um 10:24 Uhr

A Group subsidiary enjoying continuous growth, it regards itself as an innovative digital workshop and creative service provider with a holistic understanding of the customer, namely Daimler. In addition to a passion for the core brand, it is primarily the passion for IT in this company (which now employs over 800 personnel) which strengthens it internally while also distinguishing its public image. The team around CEO Christoph Röger and CFO Steffen Bäuerle can therefore take unbridled pleasure in once again being nominated a “Great Place to Work” or in the HNU Award (Employer Branding Award 2016). Daimler TSS received the latter award on being rated the top enter-prise in the entire Ulm region.

“The enthusiasm each individual Daimler TSS team member invests in his or her work is the reason our IT subsidiary also impresses so many outside the Group as an employer,” remarks CIO Jan Brecht by way of an explanation for this success.

Dr. Stefan Eberhardt, Director of IT Cross Functions & Services, is similarly enthusiastic. “These results are a fantastic indication that, even with around a thousand personnel, Daimler TSS still preserves its start-up culture in many respects.”

CEO Christoph Röger agrees with this. “Everybody here does a great job. It's the engine behind our digital team, and everybody makes a valuable contribution to networking, and not only in the area of mobility, a major issue for the future.”

It can be assumed that Daimler TSS will continue to be an attractive achiever in future. Planned growth for the next twelve months certainly points in this direction, even though the year has only just begun.

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