Daimler TSS – one of the best employers in Germany

am 03. Feb 2016 um 10:45 Uhr

Daimler TSS is one of the best companies in Germany. The internal Daimler AG service provider achieved 24th place in the category for companies with 501 to 1000 employees in the nationwide Great Place to Work (GPtW) competition for Germany's Best Employer 2016 and was honored in this context. The company had already achieved 4th place in the sector's “Best Employer in Information and Telecommunications Technology 2016” competition. Daimler TSS has therefore managed to gain a place in the leading group in both competitions while participating only for the second time since 2014.

“This renewed award as Germany's best employer is a fantastic result for us”, noted Dr. Stefan Eberhardt, CEO of Daimler TSS. “It demonstrates that both employees and management have the same understanding of how we should work, both today and in future. Only if we act as a team we can create solutions which will assure mutual success and attractive jobs”, the CEO added.

Trust pays off

An open and employee oriented corporate culture and central employment issues such as professional development, remuneration and the promotion of health and the work-life balance at Daimler TSS were highly praised and awarded top marks by the company's own employees. These findings emanate from an anonymous survey of employees conducted in the context of the Great Place to Work institute's “Germany's Best Employer 2016” competition. A total of 71 % of staff participated in this and, in addition to surveying employees, the institute also analyzed and evaluated the human resources and management work of TSS.

The “Germany's Best Employer 2016” competition was held by the Great Place to Work institute of Germany in cooperation with the Wirtschaftswoche magazine and the “New Quality in Business” initiative. A total of 635 companies in all sectors, of all sizes and in every region took part. This year's placings means that TSS managed to improve by two (information and telecommunications technology) and five places (overall competition) when compared to its most recent participation in 2014. In addition, the company managed to win 5th place on its first attempt in the “Best Employers in Baden-Württemberg" competition when it was held for the first time.

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