All good things come in threes

am 19. Dec 2017 um 10:43 Uhr

Over 100 students from the fifth class of the Illertal-High school in Vöhringen attended by the workshop at the start of the Christmas season. It was mainly concerned with the issue of security, customs, tax and more. For the third time, ten Daimler TSS colleagues visited the school. In four school lessons they made aware of the need for a conscious handling of computers. The special emphasis is on the young target group: Not teachers organize the lesson, but representative of the free economy.

Practical and in small groups, safe password were created and digital footprints were examined. And for a short period of time, they have been involved in the role of a hacker. Terms like Diceware-Proceess were declared.

A further priority was the dissemination of videos in social networks by smartphones. There was a mixed experiment: Everyone was allowed to go wild with confetti. The picture created by the spectacle is welcome on the one hand, otherwise it must be clear that the pictures could posted online in various channels and platforms. It must be taken into account in all the case: We are continually and often unintentionally or not deliberately leave traces in the network. It does not change to pick up a few confetti snippets, because not even an industry vacuum cleaner could handle this.
Dealing with the digital world is very important and needs our attention.

We are delighted that we are able to provide the young people with a few suggestions in this regard.

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