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am 26. Oct 2017 um 07:32 Uhr

At the time change one becomes aware of the fact that the end of the year is approaching. Every-body is spending time on budget planning, balance sheets, looking once again at figures and costs as well as comparing investments and results.
It is not only in this context that the following question immediately arises: How effective is or was the allocation of resources? In particular when a successful year is on the horizon, it is not uncommon that a further reflection emerges: Can we share our success? Not everybody is doing well, not everyone can celebrate successes, be it personal and/or entrepreneurial ones.
So what could also be a contribution to others? A question that we ask ourselves repeatedly at Daimler TSS, not only when we head to the final path towards Christmas. Sharing success proves to be a profitable investment in many respects, possibly not always or primarily monetary or directly measurable, but generally good…

There is nothing good unless you do it.

One thinks of Erich Kästner's words - before, but especially after this year's Social Day that took place not only at our two largest locations in Ulm and Stuttgart, but also in Berlin for the first time.

At the latter one, the colleagues in the capital city supported with a lot of passion the organization called Straßenkinder e.V. that takes care of street children, whether by painting walls, building furniture, handing out food or simply playing, dealing with children, young people, and young adults, mainly from Berlin-Marzahn.
Whoever has "Cindy from Marzahn" in mind, starts to rethink the topic of success at the latest when being surrounded by prefabricated buildings and knowing that 250,000 people "live" here in the neighborhood / hood.

In our “hood” in Baden-Württemberg, colleagues from Ulm and Stuttgart met people who are connected to the organization "Lebenshilfe Donau-Iller" or the Child and Youth Center in Böblingen.
In the various projects there were similar "to-dos" as in Berlin, but also excursions were on the agenda, amongst others to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. More special projects were "building and hanging bird nest boxes" together with young people from the vocational school in Senden or "planting early bloomers", as done in a residential home in Blaustein.
Everyone found his field of activity, whether young, old, with or without handicap and whether a home resident or from Daimler TSS. From a bird's eye view, it would seem difficult at first sight to perceive actual differences. Too much activity, passion and, above all, pleasure in joint activities occurred on all sides.

The fact that there are, nevertheless, different sides, became evident in the evening at the latest, at the time the farewell was approaching. Everyday life at Daimler TSS and other companies looks rather different. There has come a lot of it in Ulm, Stuttgart, and Berlin in only one day that has less to do with ones and zeros, but with much empathy and attention. This is the gift we (may) take from this "invest": Together we are strong, and shared success makes even more successful, or at least it feels richer.

A colleague recently took old company laptops as present when he visited his original home Ro-mania. In Romania there is a saying:

Whoever goes nowhere cannot get anywhere.

We are proud that thanks to these investments and impressions such as in Ulm, Stuttgart, or Berlin we as Daimler TSS are again and again looking beyond our own nose, thus not standing still.

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