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Daimler TSS merger

am 01. Aug 2017 um 16:58 Uhr

For many, the word “merger” is a cue for frowns and furrowed brows, as a change of this nature is often associated with difficult issues. However, this does not apply to the merger with our subsidiary Daimler IT Retail. As of August 1, 2017, both these organizations will once again join forces in a single entity - and both companies are looking forward to the potential this harbors and even more intensive cooperation.

In our case, this merger does not mean that the former spin-off subsidiary is simply coming home and will adapt completely to the new arrangement. On the contrary, the IT Retail GmbH colleagues will continue to work in Stuttgart, but the location, which until now was Böblingen, will now gradually assume the name Vaihingen (STEP). Retail expertise will also be added to the Daimler TSS portfolio as a new stand-alone “Digital Retail” product line with a focus on Car IT & Mobility, Digital Customer Experience, Analytics and Information Security.

“With this merger, the name Daimler TSS once again stands for intelligent, innovative digitalization solutions. The end-to-end aspiration is excellently illustrated through the logical addition of retail,” says Chief Information Officer Jan Brecht, Daimler AG, welcoming the merger.

Dr. Stefan Eberhardt, Director IT Cross Functions & Services, Daimler AG, also shares this opinion. “More than 1,000 experts are involved over the entire digital value chain, contributing their expertise and extremely relevant know-how to the Daimler Group. This step sees Daimler TSS bundling all the strengths it derives from a single source.”

According to Christoph Röger, CEO of Daimler TSS: “We benefit from the expertise and customer proximity of both companies, moving even more actively towards customers with the new portfolio. We exploit synergies to offer end-to-end integrated services from both organizations.”

The merger is finalized as of August 1, 2017.

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