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FEEL THE BIT – celebrating the 20th birth-day with a convention full of IT

at o'clock
A month ago we reached halftime of the Daimler TSS jubilee year which we celebrated with a con-vention of several days’ duration.
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onBoard: new CEO Martin Haselbach

at o'clock
Moving forward: Martin Haselbach, previously Business Unit Lead of the Digital Customer Experience & Smart Factory product line and Daimler TSS Asia, will take over responsibility for the wholly owned IT subsidiary Daimler TSS based in Ulm by March 1, 2018.
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Daimler TSS: one of the best Employers in Germany

at 27. Mar 2018 11:09 o'clock
We have gained a couple of places in this year's Great Place to Work competition. Finally, we can celebrate three surprises, even before Easter - nationwide, we were able to increase by ten places in our company size (501 to 2000 employees) and occupy the 14th place of Germany's most popular employer.
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Minicomputer - Schoolgirls are enthusiastic about IT

at 06. Feb 2018 07:37 o'clock
Girls are not interested in IT? This widespread assumption was proved wrong on January 17, 2018 by radiantly smiling third and fourth graders of the St. Hildegard School Center in Ulm.
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Pol-IT-ically interested visit to the head-quarters

at 31. Jan 2018 07:36 o'clock
At the beginning of the year, an interested City Council of Ulm visited us last week.
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All good things come in threes

at 19. Dec 2017 10:43 o'clock
Over 100 students from the fifth class of the Illertal-High school in Vöhringen attended by the workshop at the start of the Christmas season. It was mainly concerned with the issue of security, customs, tax and more.
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Christmas donations at all German sites

at 15. Dec 2017 11:27 o'clock
First snow, third Advent and a total of five donations: After the children's hospice in Stuttgart and the association Straßenkinder e.V. in Berlin, visits to three further institutions followed last week, in Ulm, Karlsruhe, and Böblingen.
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Education partnership between Daimler TSS and Robert-Bosch-Schule Ulm

at 24. Nov 2017 16:21 o'clock
We have maintained an education partnership with the Robert-Bosch-Schule in Ulm in the context of the educational network school / economy of the IHK Ulm since October 2017.
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A lot of good is done

at 26. Oct 2017 07:32 o'clock
What could also be a contribution to others? A question that we ask ourselves repeatedly at Daimler TSS, not only when we head to the final path towards Christmas. Sharing success proves to be a profitable investment in many respects, possibly not always or primarily monetary or di-rectly measurable, but generally good…
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Daimler TSS merger

1 + 1 = 3

at 01. Aug 2017 16:58 o'clock
For many, the word “merger” is a cue for frowns and furrowed brows, as a change of this nature is often associated with difficult issues. However, this does not apply to the merger with our subsidiary Daimler IT Retail.
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