Our mission: We strengthen our business partners in knowing and understanding consumers and their behavior. The collective result? Anticipated customer moments.

Why the Sales & Care product line?

  • Conceptualizing fascinating customer journeys, from cars to commercial vehicles, from awareness and actual sale to aftersales
  • Creating modern interfaces through a customer-focused perspective and excellent IT skills: our (not solely) technologically attractive face we present to the customer
  • Providing the right view of and for the customer with explicit data

At Sales & Care, we actively support our customers in knowing and understanding the consumer and his or her behavior. The latest business and software solutions enable us not only to encourage cus-tomer interaction, but also measurable customer proximity. Developing monetarized products and services in this context is part and parcel of the end-to-end approach. This is why we rigorously devise all digital artifacts from the perspective of their impact on the consumer. Digital services must meet the requirements of a customer journey. Our specification: The services must be designed seamlessly and effortlessly and enable appreciation on the basis of customer trust – digitally in the web, person-ally in retail and physically in the vehicle.

We develop outstanding digital solutions ranging from scalable platforms to digital products. Whether we are talking about inspirational front-ends or integrated back-end systems – in combination with our knowledge of Daimler business processes, we support our business partners in providing a perfect customer experience in the integrated Daimler ecosystem. In doing so, we learn about the world in Europe and cooperate with Asia.

Project examples

As with the EQ Ready app or the Service Process Tracker solution, which allows customers to experience the workshop process transparently, the Car Configurator and its different versions are notable examples from our Sales & Care product line.

More strategic fields


We remain agile with new mobility concepts that provide intelligently networked and comfort-able driving experiences and create sustainable value chains.

Digital Vehicle

Key competency automated driving: with reliable software solutions, we raise future driving behavior to the next level.

Digital Production

On the basis of long-standing expertise, we develop versatile and automated, data-based pro-duction processes.

Cyber Security

As specialists for the handling of sensitive data, we ensure that risks are transparent for our customers and create solutions to minimize them.