We remain agile with new mobility concepts that provide intelligently networked and comfort-able driving experiences and create sustainable value chains.


The IT side to designing the mobility of the future

Why the Mobility product line?

  • Provision of data for networking transport products and infrastructures
  • Combining vehicles, consumers and infrastructures to create new digital services
  • Generation and expansion of new revenue sources through the realization of digital products in the mobility sector

Mobility is increasingly developing into a service that encompasses all modes of transport and is ac-cessible 24/7 on the internet via multimodal platforms. We create access points to intelligent ser-vices (smart services) and provide the data required for networked transport products (smart prod-ucts) and the linking of environments and infrastructures (smart spaces).

At the core of this is a combination of vehicles, consumers and infrastructures that enables new digi-tal services. A key requirement for this is the digitization of the entire product range and the exploita-tion of new potential in order to provide services which can be paid into or monetized in the customer relationship. From the realization of digital products and our end-to-end UI/UX concepts to SecDevOps and ultimate operation, we are able to provide digital experiences which can generate new revenue sources for business and end customers. We take on responsibility for designing the IT of the business process and guarantee a successful implementation of integrated IT solutions in the mobility cycles.

Project examples

Our flagship projects include our highly successful Private Carsharing [link not available, see marked link below] and smart “Ready to” services, the EQ Ready app and, right from the beginning, car2go, known today as SHARE NOW.

You don't have to own it, to make it your own - Private Carsharing!

Berlin, Schleusenufer 1, a third-floor shared flat, Friday evening. Most of the residents are hanging out in the large kitchen.

Sophia is standing down on the street in front of an A-Class, holding her cell phone in her hand. With one click she requests the use of the A-Class.

Up in the apartment, Emily has received the inquiry. After briefly checking with the others as to whether anybody needs the car, she confirms Sophia's request.

Down on the street, Sophia opens the car with another click in the app and drives off. It's all practical and user-friendly, without having to hand over a key physically. Nevertheless, it's still very safe, because the Carsharing service working in the background takes care of the immobilizer and ensures that Sophia doesn't forget to lock all windows and doors when she comes back. If desired, the ride can also be automatically billed via the apartment's pooled “community fund”.

The following video presents a complete overview.

More strategic fields

Digital Vehicle

Key competency automated driving: with reliable software solutions, we raise future driving behavior to the next level.

Sales & Care

Our mission: We strengthen our business partners in knowing and understanding consumers and their behavior. The collective result? Anticipated customer moments.

Digital Production

On the basis of long-standing expertise, we develop versatile and automated, data-based pro-duction processes.

Cyber Security

As specialists for the handling of sensitive data, we ensure that risks are transparent for our customers and create solutions to minimize them.