Key competency automated driving: with reliable software solutions, we raise future driving behavior to the next level.

Digital Vehicle

Professional software development for a sophisticated autonomous driving experience

Why the Digital Vehicle product line?

  • Design of professional solutions for software-controlled basic functionalities
  • Development and provision of reliable, comprehensive software for automated mobility
  • Support from the intelligent to the intuitive vehicle

More and more, the modern car is adopting the role of an independent computer center. From power-train to driver assistance, a growing number of basic functions are heavily determined by software. Successive automation of individual functions such as engine control, air conditioning and navigation is increasingly developing towards a comprehensive automated system that interacts with its envi-ronment.

We want to accompany and support this transition to automated driving. We thereby design and de-liver professional solutions to meet the basic requirements of software control and integrate individual software and hardware components distributed throughout the vehicle. Our claim is to provide profes-sional software development in all relevant aspects.

More strategic fields


We remain agile with new mobility concepts that provide intelligently networked and comfort-able driving experiences and create sustainable value chains.

Sales & Care

Our mission: We strengthen our business partners in knowing and understanding consumers and their behavior. The collective result? Anticipated customer moments.

Digital Production

On the basis of long-standing expertise, we develop versatile and automated, data-based pro-duction processes.

Cyber Security

As specialists for the handling of sensitive data, we ensure that risks are transparent for our customers and create solutions to minimize them.