On the basis of long-standing expertise, we develop versatile and automated, data-based pro-duction processes.

Digital Production

Creating optimum production processes with adaptive production and continuous data analysis

Why the Digital Production product line?

  • Versatile and adaptive production in the context of dynamic product development and demand growing in complexity
  • Efficient, high-quality production through automated production processes
  • Acquisition and analysis of growing and complex data volumes

In our continuously changing world, production with an appropriate degree of flexibility is required. We ensure that production is adapted during ongoing operations, enabling customers to react promptly to a rapid development of models and the changing demand. To achieve this, we exploit our core IT competency, expanding it on a continual basis. This means that, for example, several models of the same production line can be addressed.

In addition, we use our holistic technological know-how to develop automated production processes, thereby achieving efficient, high-quality production that guarantees international competitiveness.

We need to understand what exactly is happening in a production process if we are to ensure that production is continuously optimized and up to date. This is achieved by consistently collecting and analyzing machine and system data. Our premise: to generate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of essential processes.

More strategic fields


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