Who we are

Daimler TSS

Having started as a small software spin-off in 1998, we now shape tomorrow's IT with over 1200 employees at our locations in Ulm, Stuttgart, Berlin and Karlsruhe, as well as at our project hubs in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Beijing (China). We attach great importance to both human and digital networking in this respect. Passion for IT and a still very intimate start-up culture unite us in these endeavors, ensuring a sense of community and creative freedom in everyday working life.

We think and act in a spirit of partnership. We are also agile, technologically neutral and manufactur-er-independent. This ensures our openness to new, innovative ideas and the assimilation of significant trends and impulses in a rapidly changing digital world. Driven by these ideas, we always venture across borders with our diverse teams to find the best solutions and generate impressive results.

Only average? Definitely not! Typical Daimler TSS.


We don't build cars, but we design innovative, holistic IT solutions for Daimler. With our expertise in topics such as security, mobility, autonomous driving, IT in the vehicle or digitalization of production and sales, we work closely together with our parent company, embracing the future and impressing through methodological expertise and technological excellence.

Our goal: To make Daimler the most innovative mobility provider.

The Management Team

Martin Haselbach (CEO Daimler TSS) and Steffen Bäuerle (CFO Daimler TSS) set the agenda for strategic goals and responsibility for the personnel, organization and technology that guarantee the success of projects and, consequently, the satisfaction of customers in the Group.


Daimler TSS has made a name for itself through IT consulting on technologies, services and solutions. What began as a software spin-off with seven employees in 1998 is today Daimler's successful digital service provider.

Represented worldwide

Our headquarters are in Ulm, but we also feel at home in Stuttgart, Berlin and Karlsruhe. Added to these, Daimler TSS also has project hubsin China and Malaysia.

Strategic Fields

Market-leading IT solutions for Daimler

All strategic fields

We've been on the market for more than two decades, a period characterized by an outstanding pace in digital development. Today, this plays a key role in the competitiveness of our parent company.

We provide a variety of sophisticated services, especially in the core topics of Cyber Security, Mobility, Digital Vehicle, Digital Production and Sales & Care, and deliver bespoke and highly effective end-to-end solutions.

With extensive know-how and all our experience, we are committed to ensuring that IT offers added value in strategic, operational and economic terms.


We remain agile with new mobility concepts that provide intelligently networked and comfortable driving experiences and create sustainable value chains.

Digital Vehicle

Key competency automated driving: with reliable software solutions, we raise future driving behavior to the next level.

Sales & Care

Our mission: We strengthen our business partners in knowing and understanding consumers and their behavior. The collective result? Anticipated customer moments.

Digital Production

On the basis of long-standing expertise, we develop versatile and automated, data-based pro-duction processes.

Cyber Security

As specialists for the handling of sensitive data, we ensure that risks are transparent for our customers and create solutions to minimize them.