Daimler TSS


We're not just Daimler, but we are as well. Having begun in 1998 as a small development team with only seven employees, we are a specialist firm and strategic business partner today providing complete future-oriented IT solutions for Daimler AG. We are also a congenial enterprise enjoying continuous growth.

We are the digital protégé behind car2go and the smart experts for InCarDelivery and other digital products such as the Daimler AppStore or Mercedes Me Connect, aspiring at all times to achieve innovation and technological leadership.

We think and act in a spirit of partnership. We are also agile, technologically neutral and manufacturer-independent, ensuring our openness to highly effective end-to-end solutions. The assimilation of significant external trends and impulses and a deep understanding of Daimler business processes also ensure impressive results.

We pay with bits and captivate with clicks. Simultaneously, the spirit pervading Daimler TSS on a daily basis demonstrates that real relationships are both invaluable and irreplaceable. A passion for IT and a homely start-up culture have been preserved over the last two decades and, indeed, have grown to encompass more than 1000 employees today. It is exactly this combination that creates a successful network for us, both on a human and digital level. In a world of ones and zeros, Daimler TSS is helping to shape the future.

As an attractive employer, we succeed in achieving this together with people who, inspired by a highly cooperative environment, give their utmost and strive to develop their full potential, whether in Ulm, Stuttgart, Berlin, Karlsruhe or in Asia.

Only average? Definitely not! Typical Daimler TSS.


We don't make any cars, but we contribute to shaping Daimler as a digital brand through innovative, holistic IT solutions that address the core issues of Car IT & Mobility, Analytics and Information Security. Methodological expertise and solutions coupled with technological excellence and a maximum degree of security are our specialties.

The Management Team

Martin Haselbach (CEO Daimler TSS) and Steffen Bäuerle (CFO Daimler TSS) set the agenda for strategic goals and responsibility for the personnel, organization and technology that guarantee the success of projects and, consequently, the satisfaction of customers in the Group.


Daimler TSS has made a name for itself through IT consulting on technologies, services and solutions. What began as a software spin-off with seven employees in 1998 is today the successful digital service provider of the Daimler brand.

Represented worldwide

Our headquarters are in Ulm, but we also feel at home in Stuttgart, Berlin and Karlsruhe. Added to these, Daimler TSS also has locations in China and Malaysia.

Our competences


Understanding the big picture and gaining information from data.

Car IT & Mobility

The IT side to mobility design.

Digital Customer Experience

Create identity-driven customer experiences through digital services.

Digital Retail

Customized IT Sales Solutions.


Protection of sensitive information and critical systems.

Strategic Initiatives

Innovative, proactive, initial – developing forward customer requirements close to the market and temporally limited.