Daimler TSS

Dream it or live it!

Keeping fit is Robert's top priority, regardless of whether brainpower or agility in movement are involved. At Daimler TSS he ensures with his team that powerful IT is available. The things he most values in his field are extensive freedom of design and the continuous dynamism of being at the cutting edge of development at all times. He knows what it's like to feel your heart racing - in the positive sense.

Robert, Business Unit Lead, IT

Our company

Having begun in 1998 with a small development team of only seven employees, we are a specialist firm and strategic business partner today providing complete innovative IT solutions for Daimler AG, along with being a successful medium-sized enterprise. Even with over 1000 colleagues today, we still manage to preserve that intimate family charm of the early days.

Daimler and us

We're not just Daimler. But we are as well. You're Daimler? It's a question we hear a lot. Yes, we are Daimler but, no, we're not Daimler AG – we're Daimler TSS. We don't make any cars, but we support them in terms of IT during the entire product life cycle, providing innovative, holistic IT solutions to address the core issues of Analytics, Car IT & Mobility, Digital Customer Experience, Digital Retail and Information Security. In other words, we can provide you with the freedom of a modern medium-sized IT enterprise coupled with the security of a globally active automotive group.

Our culture

There's a fresh breeze blowing through our workplace! But don't worry, our offices aren't falling down. It's just that we like to leave doors open and listen to anyone who has anything to say. Flat hierarchies aren't just a catchword for us. We live and breathe these structures, and nobody need fear for their job should they happen to shake a leg with the boss. The most they'll probably suffer is muscle cramp. This level of mutual trust is crucial if solutions in line with market requirements and robust growth are to be created.


We have an excellent working environment. It's a claim that can be made by many – but we can prove it. Great Place to Work has repeatedly confirmed that Daimler TSS is among the top companies in Germany, and the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) also considers us to be the most attractive employer in the region, similar to the Focus Magazine.

Welcome to the team

The tasks we perform are as varied as our services. This is why we are looking for industrial engineers, IT specialists and lateral entrants, both youngsters or oldsters who would welcome the chance to tackle new challenges in our highly motivated and creative team. The Daimler-TSS-Academy offers school leavers an opportunity to launch an interesting career as an apprentice or student of the university of cooperative education.


Do you want to improve your perspectives? How about trying it with us, a very unusual employer? Being part of one of the leading automotive groups means we offer a range of interesting tasks, including tasks closely related to the vehicle environment. Our steady growth opens up a variety of career opportunities and, although you can enjoy home cooking from time to time in our canteen, our increasingly international focus gives you the chance to broaden your horizons and work in the wider world.

Further education and training

Our employees are people with extremely varying experience who, as experts, bear a particular responsibility for our comprehensive portfolio. For this reason, we develop an individual development plan for each of them – and for you. Through internal and external seminars and participation in national or international congresses, we offer you the opportunity to develop your core competencies. As a result, you too can contribute to securing our future and paving the way for our mutual success.


Of course, in addition to interesting duties and tasks and an excellent working environment, we also offer flexible working hours, a pension scheme and accident insurance.

Locations & Project Hubs

Our headquarters are in Ulm, but we also feel at home in Stuttgart, Berlin and Karlsruhe. Added to these, Daimler TSS also has project hubs in China and Malaysia.