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Training opportunities

Qualified IT specialist (application development): the inventor behind the customer
Do you like developing your own programs and fiddling about for as long as it takes to get them to run perfectly and faultlessly? If you also want to make a future career out of it, then training to become a qualified IT specialist (application development) could be perfect for you. As a future software expert, you will plan, design and develop a wide variety of programs on behalf of the customer and ensure that they are user-friendly.

  • Qualification: IHK Prüfung [≈ LCCI examination]
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Model: Per week: 1-2 days vocational college / 3-4 days TSS
  • Start: September
  • Study location: Robert-Bosch-Schule, Ulm, Germany
  • Prerequisite: Mittlere Reife [≈ GCSE]

Qualified IT specialist as a systems integration IT: The problem solver for the IT
As a connecting part between the requirements of our clients and the realization of IT solutions you will learn how to give our internal customers the optimal technical support. As a future technical IT expert you will be trained to analyse, develop and maintain system solutions.

  • Qualification: IHK Prüfung [LCCI examination]
  • Duration:

3 years

Per Week 1-2 days vocational college / 3-4 days TSS


Study location
Robert-Bosch-Schule, Ulm, Germany

Mittlere Reife [GCSE]

Office management: The generalist in the organisation
You already ensure the smooth flow of communication and information during your training. The application areas in the company are also as diverse as your training. Be it buying, personnel or finance - as a generalist you control all incoming commercial administrative and organisational activities within the particular department and you rock the business.

  • Qualification: IHK Prüfung [~ LCCI examination]
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Model: 1-2 days vocational school and 3-4 days TSS a week
  • Start: September
  • Study Location: Friedrich-List-Schule, Ulm
  • Prerequisite: General certificate of secondary education
  • Note: Job positions for 2017 already occupied


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