Daimler TSS


As a 100% Daimler subsidiary, we give 100 percent, always and never less. We love IT and pull out all the stops to aid Daimler's development as a digital brand with our expertise on its journey into the future.

Strategic Fields

Nowadays, IT is a key factor to our Group's competitiveness. We offer services that give us an edge over our competitors, particularly in the core topics of digital customer experience, car IT and mobility, information security, analytics, and digital retail. We think and work agile and in partnership. We are technologically neutral and manufacturer-independent. This allows us to deliver bespoke, highly effective end-to-end solutions.
You can be safe in the knowledge that you have experts at your side who will work to ensure, with all their expertise and our breadth of experience, that your IT offers strategic, operative, or economic added value. Where can we be of service to you?


Understanding the big picture and gaining information from data.

Car IT & Mobility

The IT side to mobility design.

Digital Customer Experience

Create identity-driven customer experiences through digital services.

Digital Retail

Customized IT Sales Solutions.

Information Security

Protecting sensitive data.

Strategic Initiatives

Innovative, proactive, initial – developing forward customer requirements close to the market and temporally limited.



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